At Booking Camper you can buy motorhomes, vans or caravans; a new one or what's on special offer, and ask for loans at very advantageous interest rates!

We offer loans for used vehicles, such as Motorhomes, Vans os Caravans, with durations up to 120 months and loans for new vehicles, such as Motorhomes, Vans or Caravans, with durations up to 144 months. 

Moreover, you can also negotiate policies linked to loans; these policies are aimed to protect customers from unfavorable events which might undermine their capacity to repay the loan!

These kind of services are only reserved to Italian citizen or Italian resident.


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For agreement terms and conditions, please refer to the pre-agreement relevant information, available at Booking Camper.
Booking Camper is a credit intermediary, which exclusively operates with the financial companies Findomestic Banca SPA, Agos SPA e Santander SPA.

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